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In the Southern Courrain Ocean to the southeast of the elven lands of Silvanesti, lies the underwater city of Dimernost. The city of the Dimernesti Elves is the heart of the Dimernesti kingdom and is the only surviving city of the shoal elves following the Cataclysm. The spires and buildings of Dimernost are crafted from coral, which is used in a multitude of colors, from green and orange, to white, pale blue and yellow.

In the absolute center of Dimernost lies the Tower of the Sea, which is the residence of the Speaker of the Sea, who is the ruler of the Dimernesti people. The Tower is surrounded by living coral and rises two hundred feet from the ocean floor. Seahorse stables dominate the northeast of Dimernost, whilst in the east are the jellyfish schools and in the southeast are the kelp farms.

In the central southern section are the primary residences of the Dimernesti elves, and further southward is the Fisherds Quarter. In the southwest is the Silvanos Memorial, and in the northwest are the luminous kelp beds and the Visiting Dolphins Quarter. Oyster beds are located on the far western fringe of Dimernost, whilst slightly inwards are the open markets. In the central northern section are the shops and establishments of the merchants of Dimernost, as well as the temples section, whilst in the far north is the shell farm.

Several air domes were spread throughout the city, which were the homes of surface dwellers, the forges and the alehouses of Dimernost. They were also used to house air-breathing delegates and visitors to the underwater city.

Age of Mortals

Dimernost stood relatively untouched since it was first built until the coming of the Sea Dragon Brynseldimer during the Age of Mortals. The fearsome sea dragon declared himself the lord of the ocean and terrorized the Dimernesti elves, launching a number of attacks on the city. The dragon decimated the towers and large sections of Dimernost, until he was finally slain by the Heroes of the Heart. Following the death of Brynseldimer, the city again returned to a state of peace and the elves began to rebuild.

After the War of Souls, there was an undead attack on Dimernost, which was part of a plot to overrun the seas by the Fire Dragon Blazewight. The undead legions were defeated as was the fire dragon eventually. With the removal of the latest enemy of the Dimernesti, their city continued to flourish and in particular the Temple of the Fisher King saw a boost in worshipers and the temple itself was raised to greater heights.


Temple of the Fisher King
Tower of the Sea

City Guilds

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