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Lost Star

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Lost Star is a magical, dragonbane Bastard Sword created during the Age of Dreams. It was of simple design, unblemished by rust or nicks, had a fist-sized star sapphire set into the pommel, and it is easy for the wielder of the blade to use despite its weight. The true power of the blade is its ability to enthrall evil creatures within a 300-foot radius. Evil creatures cannot take their eyes from the star sapphire, but if their will is strong enough they won't get enthralled.

First Dragon War

An elven smith created the blade during the First Dragon War for the elven paladin Kalith Rian. During the night, the smith saw a star flash across Krynn's sky, and he gave chase. He wasn't able to find the star that fell, but the next morning he did find the star sapphire in the coals of his forge fire. Taking this as a sign, he set the gem into the pommel of the sword he was creating and named the blade Lost Star. He then presented the blade to Kalith, who would later use the blade to kill the great Red Dragon Firefang. During the battle, Kalith was also killed and Lost Star was brought back to Silvanesti for safekeeping.

Years Prior to the War of Souls

Following the Kinslayer War, Lost Star was given to Kith-Kanan by his brother Sithas Silvanos as a memento of the bond shared between the Qualinesti and Silvanesti. The Speaker of the Sun would then hand the blade over to any Qualinesti elven paladin who was going to strike against evil, but after the Cataclysm Lost Star was hidden away for fear that the wrong people would get their hands on it.

War of Souls

Lost Star would appear again during the War of Souls, when the Queen Mother, Laurana, would wield the blade against the great Green Dragon Beryl. She used the blade to enthrall Beryl while the combined army of Elves, Dwarves, and Dark Knights would attack the great Overlord. When Laurana knew it was time to ready the Dragonlance to kill Beryl, she threw Lost Star off the tower. It is unknown at this time where Lost Star is, but is very well may be at the bottom of the Lake of Death.


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