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Daebardin was the first city to be built in Thorbardin in the early spring of 2148 PC. It was built directly below Cloudseeker Peak and was considered to be one of the grandest cities in Thorbardin. The city had three basic levels and six balconies that overlooked the Urkhan Sea. It had been the center of dwarven learning, trade and shipping since the creation of Thorbardin.

Daebardin was originally named New Daebardin. This was because the Daewar clan's original city was called Daebardin, but a Theiwar raid destroyed that city. Overtime the dwarves of Thorbardin started to refer to the city just as Daebardin.

Daebardin was connected to several other cities through a series of roads. To the north was Klarbardin, which was connected by the Tenth Road and the Eleventh Road. To the southwest the Thirteenth Road and Fourteenth Road joined New Daebardin to the Daergar city of Daerforge. The East Warrens were south of the city and the Twelfth Road ran from the city to it.

This city had the largest and busiest waterfront in all of Thorbardin. A chain ferry arrived from Hybardin to haul passengers and goods. Behind the waterfront lied the cities factories and markets. The streets of Daebardin were lined with temples dedicated to the gods.

The city was one of the most well lit locations in Thorbardin. The light was brought in from the quartz shafts and sun tunnels built above the city. At night the lights of the city could be seen from across the (Urkhan Sea), and were compared to the stars in the sky.

The second level of the city was full of public parks, residential buildings, and a large balcony that overlooked the first level of the city. The houses here were square but thin walled.

On the third level the thane lived in the large palace. A grand balcony overlooked the rest of the city. The Mercantile Exchange was also located here and was fronted with huge marble columns and lined with marble corridors. This level also housed Daebardin's elite social group of artisans, merchants, soldiers, and craftsmen.

The city was abandoned after the founding of Norbardin.


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