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Willim the Black

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Willim the Black (Born: ? AC) was a dwarf born a Theiwar Dwarf, and grew up in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. He became a very powerful Black Robed Wizard in the years prior to the Chaos War. Following the Chaos War, Willim found that he no longer had his powers. His enemies captured him in 383 AC and for the next thirty-nine years he was tortured endlessly, even having both of his eyes removed. When a young White Robe named Coryn Brinefolk, along with Dalamar the Dark and Jenna, called forth the other wizards to return to the Tower of Wayreth, Willim killed his captors and returned. There he joined the Conclave as one of the most powerful Black Robes in the Fifth Age.

Alternate Krynns


Willim on this version of Krynn was known as Willim the Scarlet; due to he took up the Red Robes. While growing up in the noble houses of Thorbardin, he developed a natural affinity towards magic, practicing in secret. Eventually a Daergar Dwarf found out, spreading it throughout the kingdom, and driving Willim from the Dwarven kingdom.

While in the wilds, Goblins ambushed and captured Willim. He was tortured and his eyes torn from his head. The goblins left him for dead, but a Qualinesti Elf White Robe named Alaitha found him and brought him to the Tower. While there, she took it upon herself to train him in magic, tempering his natural Theiwar hate with goodness. Upon the completion of his Test, he earned the Red Robes of neutrality, swearing to Lunitari.

Over the years Willim diligently worked to better himself in magic until he earned one of the top positions in the Council of Three. He became the Keeper of Losarcum at the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum all before the year 348 AC. He was able to attain an arcane eye to enable him to see, but most of the time Willim would rather work in the darkness. From his past with Thorbardin, he has no desire to return what so ever.


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