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Wyrmsbane, also known as Redeemer, is a magical elven crafted Longsword and brother sword to Wyrmslayer. It is an elven-crafted blade that is etched with fine elven script, and the crosspiece is that of a falcon's beak. The family of the Speaker of the Stars has been in possession of this blade until it was later given to Tanis Half-Elven.

The powers of Wyrmsbane are in some ways the same as its sister, but vary in others. It is able to kill Draconians without the death throe damaging the blade. For example, when the wielder kills a Baaz Draconian, the sword will not get stuck in the body when it turns to stone. Also, if the wielder holds the blade in hand, its magic will protect them from dragon or draconian breath weapons. You can use the blade to help you locate an object three times a day.

Age of Dreams

Wyrmsbane was forged during the Second Dragon War to fight off the evil dragons that were invading Silvanesti. The great elven king Sithas Silvanos owned the blade prior to and during the Kinslayer War. At the end of the war in 2140 PC, Sithas kept the blade in Silvanesti, and it passed from Speaker to Speaker throughout the years.

Age of Despair

When the Companions left Silvanesti, Alhana Starbreeze gave her family blade to Tanis Half-Elven. This happened to be Wyrmsbane, which Tanis used throughout the rest of the War of the Lance, even killing the Dragon Highlord Ariakas. When Tanis would get married to Laurana following the war, the two swords were united once again. Tanis continued to carry this blade into the Chaos War, and when Tanis fell in battle it was buried with him in the Tomb of the Last Heroes.

Age of Mortals

Somehow following the death of Tanis, a grave-robbing thief stole Wyrmsbane from the Tomb, and sold it to the Ogre Donnag. He then sold it to Dhamon Grimwulf who was planning on using the blade to find treasure. Dhamon would later lose the blade to a prostitute named Satin, but it was actually the Naga named Nura Bint-Drax. Nura would then give the sword to Fiona Quinti who carried the sword with honor as she followed Dhamon. She would use the sword to assist in defeating a Shadow Dragon that was trying to possess Dhamon. She was killed though, and in honor of her fight, Maldred liquefied the stone near where she was buried in the dragon's lair, and Wyrmsbane was rammed into the stone. There it sits to this day.

A Triplet

There is another sword that popped up in 421 AC in the city of Palanthas. It was in the possession of Caelthalas Elbernarian in the form of a wooden staff that can change into a longsword. Cael claimed to have received this from his teacher and Shalifi, Master Verrochio, and that it was a third blade to Wyrmslayer and Wyrmsbane. He also claimed that this blade was the most powerful of the three. The blade was last seen going with Cael as he left Palanthas.

This blade can change into a wooden staff, can merge and unmerge with other objects to hide it, cut deflect magic bolts that are thrown at the person with the blade, and cuts skin and metal with equal ease. While as a wooden staff, a person can pull from it a blue longsword with a glowing green jewel in the pommel and no crosspiece.


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