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Tideripper was a magical Longsword first owned by Drudarch Takalurion, the first Speaker of the Moon. Tideripper is said to be a part of a set of nine blades that were created, one for each day of Solinari's quarter in High Sanction. Only a person of good may touch this blade, it also is able to detect evil, detect lie, dispel magic, heal, part water, and gives its user extra strength. When the sword is brought within a 100 yards of a being of evil, the sword begins to vibrate. The wielder is also unaffected by all restrictions of fighting underwater. It would be as if the owner is on dry land fighting.

History of Tideripper

The sword was lost in 1200 PC following the defeat of Sagarassi's forces by Takalurion's Dargonesti and allies. Some say that the reason Takalurion had his armies return back to Watermere was for the loss of this sword. Tideripper wouldn't be seen again until following the Cataclysm.

In 12 AC, another Dargonesti Elf named Nakaro Silverwake took it upon himself to find Tideripper in order to cleanse Watermere. After many adventures into the realm of the Koalinth and Lacedons over two months, Tideripper was found in the mountain range it was lost. Nakaro brought the sword back to Watermere and the gods Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk healed the Dargonesti people. Nakaro was named the new Speaker of the Moon, bringing peace and prosperity to the sea elf kingdom. The sword to this day is kept in Takaluras.


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