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Theibardin was the city of the Theiwar clan in Thorbardin. It was founded in 2148 PC when the Theiwar claimed the northern area of the Urkhan Sea. Its founding thane, Slide Tolec, located an area that would provide protection for his people from attack.

Theibardin was an enclosed wall city that sat on the northern shores of the Urkhan Sea. The city was so well hidden behind the wall of stone that the only evidence of it from the water was the small opening that leads to the docks. The stonewall appears to have tiny windows at a distant but these windows are really arrow slits in case of an attack.

Inside the walls of the city, the city was laid out like every typical dwarven city with three levels that make up much of the city. The lower level consisted of the dungeons, torture rooms and natural caverns. Deep inside the caverns laid the Chamber of the Black Moon.

The middle level is home to most of the cities factories, markets and homes. Alleys throughout the city are dark and even at the busiest of hours these areas appear to be empty.

The nobility inhabited the upper level of the city. Also residing in the upper level were Theiwar spell casters working in their laboratories and using the cities libraries. The buildings on the top level were built with the aid of magic that altered their appearance.

The city was connected to several important locations inside of Thorbardin. The Second Road traveled through the city and connected it to the Northgate, to the west and to Theiwarin, to the east. Also the Fifth Road ran to the North Warrens, while the Fourth Road allowed access to the West Warrens. A great chain ferry connected the city to Hybardin.

History of Theibardin

After the death of Slide Tolec the Theiwar clan fell into internal warfare that threatened the peace of Thobardin. This war took place in and around Theibardin. The war was only ended when the Hylar thane Harl Thrustweight used brute force to end it.

The city then entered sixty years of uneasy peace. During this time much of Theibardin was rebuilt and Hylar guards kept the peace. This all came to an end when the Hylar Thane Harl Thrustweight was killed outside of the city.

Not much is known about the history surrounding the city, but following the Chaos War it was abandoned due to the destruction.


Chamber of the Black Moon


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