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Temple of Reorx (Norbardin)

Article written by Gerrin

The Temple of Reorx was located in the Hall of Thanes in Norbardin. Originally designed as the perfect testimony of dwarven craftsmanship, it had been converted into the New Council Hall. This Hall was a hexagonal building supported by six white marble columns. On top of the columns was rose quartz imported from Qualinost. Each of the six walls provided an entrance into the Grand Gallery and each door represented one of the six clans of Thorbardin.

The building is two levels, with a balcony on the second overlooking into the Grand Gallery. The New Council Hall could support 500 dwarves, which was barely a fraction that the Old Council Hall at Southgate held. Inside on a raised dais the council met on a six-sided table. In the middle of the table, the alter of Reorx was still kept standing even after Reorx had left Krynn following the Chaos War.


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