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Shahar Bellowsmoke

Article written by Gerrin

Shahar Bellowsmoke (? - ? AC) was the Daergar Thane during the War of the Souls. He was a relative of the late Darkend Bellowsmoke, but unknown if it was his son. As rebellion broke out in 423 AC, Bellowsmoke allied himself with Tarn Bellowgranite, his cousin. During the rebellion elements of the Daergar allied themselves with Jungor Stonesinger and betrayed the Hylar High King, Tarn Bellowgranite. Shahar Bellowsmoke was so upset by the actions of his people that he led his remaining loyal Daergar in an assault against the usurpers at the council hall and slew Jungor Stonesinger's own personal captain of the guard, Astar Trueshield. Following the rebellion Bellowsmoke was stripped of his thanedom and chose to enter exile with Tarn Bellowgranite making his way to Pax Tharkas.


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