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Darkend Bellowsmoke

Article written by Gerrin

Darkend Bellowsmoke (? - 383 AC) rose to become thane after his assassin Slickblade slew Halt Blackmetal. Darkend was tall for a Daergar, a strapping warrior, and his banner was the Smoking Forge.

After completing the rite of succession in which he slew seven opponents he was named the Daergar Thane, one of which was a dwarf named Forsyx who stabbed Darkend in the leg causing a festering wound from a poisoned blade. Another opponent was Gludh Kolgard whom he used magic to defeat. There was much controversy over how he defeated his opponents as several of them were killed prior to the start of the competition.

Darkend Bellowsmoke would go on and lead a rebellion against the Hylar after believing his sister, Gerimeth Bellowsmoke. During the rebellion Bellowsmoke allied his clan with the Klar and Theiwar in hopes of overthrowing the Hylar. In order to seal this alliance, he killed Thistle, his favorite mistress. As the rebellion neared it end and victory was near at hand for Bellowsmoke, Thorbardin found itself under attack from the forces of Chaos.

Bellowsmoke was aligned with the legions of Chaos as his sister had made an alliance with the daemon, Zarak Thuul. As the Chaos War in Thorbardin neared its completion, Zarak Thuul killed Gerimeth ending the alliance. Believing himself to be the true leader of the dwarves, Bellowsmoke sought out the Platinum Egg. He found the egg in the possession of Baker Whtegranite and grabbed it before Whitegranite could use it to defeat Chaos. The egg's power killed Bellowsmoke because he was not a true leader of the dwarves.


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