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Vog Ironface

Article written by Gerrin

Vog Ironface (? - ? PC) was the leader of the Daergar at time the Hylar arrival at Kal-Thax. Vog had a mate but her name is unknown. Together they had at least one son named Crag Ironface. Ironface wore a slitted featureless iron mask below his conical helm. He was the Daergar Thane that consented to the building of the city on the south shore of the Urkhan Sea. He also took part in avenging and killing Glome the Assassin for his assassination of the Hylar Thane Colin Stonetooth. Following the death of Stonetooth, Ironface becomes the second most senior Thane.

During the Wizard's War against the mages, Vog Ironface refused to be considered as a choice for the needed regent, claiming "all I ever wanted to be was a Daergar." During the war he helps devise the plug screw needed for the Shaft of Reorx. Following the war he concludes that Thorbardin needs the Neidar outside to help support those living inside. Following his death the Daergar retreat to their mines and limit their contact with the other clans.


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