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Norbardin was the newest city created in Thorbardin, and Tarn Bellowgranite founded it after the failed attempt to restore Hybardin ended. It was built in the North Gate complex. It was designed to be a three level city, but was forced to continually expand into a sprawling network of tunnels and caverns.

Anvil's Echo was the center of Norbardin. Where once had been a vast pit surrounded by a narrow bridge was now the city center. Houses, warehouses, shops, barracks and strongholds filled the area around the Echo. Before the founding of the city, many refugees found their homes here and after the founding they expanded the halls and houses in the area. The bridge crossing the pit fell during the Chaos War and was never rebuilt.

This area was the homes for the Daergar and Theiwar clans. Narrow alleyways and high walls were used to separate the two clans. Both clans preferred to live in darkness. The Klar clan also lived here on all three levels. The markets in this area were controlled by the Hylar and Daewar clans.

The old Temple of Reorx located in the Hall of Thanes has been converted into the New Council Hall. A new council hall had been started near the Shaft of Reorx on the first level. The new council hall was being built in a bowl shaped cavern created by silver miners after the Chaos War. It was said to resemble an amphitheater and was built over a fault in the ground that opened during the groundquake of 422 AC. It was rumored that a chaos dragon had found in the tube below the new council hall.

On the third level of Norbardin the King's Palace stands in an area called the Fortress. This area was literally a fortress and the last line of defense against invaders attacking North Gate. Living outside of the palace there lives an assortment of dwarves from every clan.

The Hylar resided on the second level of the city. Their part of the city consisted of organized streets and square buildings. The houses of healing for the second level were found near the Hylar neighborhood.

The arena was located below the first level of the city. They were two entrances into the main part of the arena and four leading out of the seating. Near the arena the city's sewer system begins. That area was the home for the Aghar clan.

The city was still connected to the rest of the ruined cities of Thorbardin through the roads. The First Road connected the city to the West Warrens. The Sixth Road connected the West Warrens to the Urkhan Sea.

Buildings of Norbardin

Arena of Justice
Hall of Thanes
King's Palace
Temple of Reorx
The Fortress


Anvil's Echo
Shaft of Reorx


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