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Crystal Heathstone

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Crystal Heathstone (? - ? AC) was born the princess of the Neidar king. She married Tarn Bellowgranite and they have had one son named Tor Bellowgranite, and as of 423 AC she was pregnant with another child. She had one aunt named Aunt Galena Needlebone, and her personal bodyguard was Haruk Mastersword before he joined with Jungor. She was known to have been "hardy, tough as horn, soft as butter, sweet as elf wine, regal as a queen of old, shrewd as a witch, eyes like diamonds, and a smile to melt ice". She had grey eyes and auburn hair.

Early Years

While still living with her father and mother, she was in her father's army. While in the army she learned how to use the spear and staff and became very good at using both. Somehow she met Tarn, and they fell in love with each other. She followed him back to Thorbardin to live with him.

Post War of Souls

Following the War of Souls, Crystal was locked under the mountain when the Council of Thanes voted to lock the gates to keep the wars out of Thorbardin. During this time she gave birth to Tor in 422 AC, and the following year in 423 AC the other Dwarven nations rebelled against Tarn's rule. Even though Crystal fought bravely against Zen with Haruk, Jungor Stonesinger murdered Aunt Needlebone and stole Tor to be used as a bargaining chip. Tarn and Crystal agreed to go into exile with her family to spare their son. They moved to Pax Tharkas where they would rule from outside of Thorbardin.


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