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Klarbardin is the city that is home to the Klar clan. It is a city that has little organization in the placement of its buildings. Buildings here are built of the same study stone that other dwarven cities use. The most notable exception is that these building tend to be placed anywhere throughout the city.

When the city was built, individual Klar engineers designed each of the districts. These districts bear little resemblance of each other. In each of these districts there are numerous fountains sprouting quicksilver. In the walls outside of the city, the Klar have decorated them with this deadly metal.

The Thane of the Klar lives not in a palace but in the barracks with the militia. The Klar view palaces as a weakness of lesser people and instead publicly promote the ideas of becoming a warrior.

The Klar city is connected to Theiwarin, to the east, by the Second Road. It is also linked to New Daebardin, to the south, by the Tenth Road and Eleventh Road.

Klarbardin was never officially abandoned, but a majority of its residents join High King Tarn Bellowgranite in exile and later settle in Norbardin.


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