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Daerforge is a typical dwarven city located in southern Thorbardin. It contains three levels that make up a large area of the city. Darkness is another prevalent feature of the city because the Daergar that live there rarely rely on sunlight. It is situated on the southern shore of the Urkhan Sea.

The city is the primary work area of the Daergar and behind the waterfront, which is located on the Daerforge Bay, are buildings that house the great ovens and furnaces. The air in the city tastes of ash and soot from the factories and many of the Daergar prefer to walk home to Daerbardin rather then live in this city.

The city has several roads leading out of it. The Thirteenth Road and Fourteenth Road connect this city to New Deabardin. While the Fifteenth Road and Sixteenth Road both connect it to Daerbardin which is two miles away. Also the city is connected to the East Warrens.

The city's walls contain turrets, balustrades and overlooks that make the city look forbidding. Its waterfront is connected to Hybardin by a chained ferry. Buildings throughout the city are square and thick walled. The streets in the city are straight and wide to allow for easy movement of troops.

The second level of the city is used for residential and factory neighborhoods. Many of the factories on the second level are used for smelting and casting metal. Walls do not only protect the houses that are located on this level but also by chutes. Some of the homes on this level contain guard towers for added security.

The upper level of the city is mainly residential. The homes on this level range from splendid manors to slum looking houses. Many of the alleyways on this level are so low that even dwarves have to hunch down to walk through them.

This city is abandoned following the founding of Norbardin.


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