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Daerbardin is a typical Dwarven city located in southern Thorbardin. It contains three levels that make up a large area of the city. Darkness is another prevalent feature of the city because the Daergar that live their rarely rely on sunlight.

There are three main roads that lead out of Daerbardin. Two of the roads (the Fifteenth Road and Sixteenth Road) lead to Daerforge. The Seventeenth Road leads to Southgate. Also connect to Daerbardin are the East Warrens. Lining the roads and the city's walls are battlements that can easily be held against an attack.
Buildings in the city are square and thick walled and the streets are lined in a gridlike pattern. This allows them to be straight and wide. The purpose of this is to be able to quickly move troops from one part of the city to another.

On the third level the city's main source of entertainment is found inside the palace. The Arena of Honor is where future Daergar Thanes fight for the thanedom. Leading into the Arena are four massive corridors on each side. Another feature of the third level is the manor of the Bellowsmoke family. Each manor of the third level houses wealthy merchants who are guarded by members of the militia.

The lower two levels of the city connect it to the east warrens. The second level is mainly houses that appear silent and dark. The city's market is also located on this level. This level is home to many of the middle class families. These families can not afford to hire warriors to protect them. Instead they have formed warrior gangs to patrol their neighborhood and occasionally attack a neighboring district.

The lowest level of the city houses the slum districts and many of the city black markets. Along the waterfront inns are windowless to prevent unnecessary light from affecting the Daergar.

Also situated along many areas of Daerbardin are Clansmoke Halls. These buildings are used by the Daergar for drinking and issuing challenges of combat.

The Daergar abandon this city after the construction of Norbardin.


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