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Plainsfolk Language

Article written by Loreseeker, Ambro, Kranar Drogin

The Plainsfolk Language is language spoken by the many Human tribes of Ansalon. It is unknown if all plainsfolk languages are related and if they are directly related from the language of plainsmen of the distant past. Likely all are related, but each with its own dialects.

Ancient Plainsfolk Words & Expressions

The language of the plainsmen in ca. 4000 PC.

Arkuden - 'Dragon's son'
Arku-peli - 'Place of the Dragon'
Karada - 'Scarred one'
Sensarku - 'Servers of the Dragon'
Takti - 'Fisherman'
Tosen - 'First servant'
Yala-tene - 'Mountain Nest'
Yevi - 'Laughing dogs'

Ancient Plainfolk Sayings

"Swift water grows the biggest fish." means change brought danger and hope in equal measure.

Abanasinia Plainsfolk Words & Expressions

The language of the Abanasinian Plainsmen tribes including: Qué-Kiri, Qué-Nal, Qué-Nara, Qué-Shu, Qué -Tana, and the Qué-Teh. They also have a written language.

Galen - 'Healer'
Grom sust idiwock - Unknown.
Gue-lando - Enough, go, or do it
Gug marga lokil la - Unknown.
Hianawek - 'The Gods' Anvils.' Refers to storm clouds.
Imilus - 'Gifted outlander'
Kan-toka - Beloved or Dear, or Don't Worry
Kan-tokah - My Beloved
Khark-umat - Unknown. Some type of exclamation.
Marulina - Beloved
Merilar - There
Neh Sirakan - Here Am I
Nikh - No
Pat-takh - Don't Go
Pelinta - Gossamer plant
Sinta - Glitterbees
SuTorakh - Unknown. Some type of exclamation.
Waukan - Honeyfish

Abanasinia Plainfolk Sayings

"Talk Centaur" means to talk while astride one's horse as if looking down on them. It is considered an insult.

Plains of Dust Plainsfolk Words & Expressions

The language of the Plains of Dust Plainsmen tribes.

Bin'on du'aurth - Likely some type of greeting or omission of no harm intended.
Echphinam - 'Places without.' Refers to between the planes.
Mallsenshiva - Unknown. Refers to the Snow Sea.
Shamath'la'hassan - Unknown. Refers to the Storm Dragon, The White Wyrm.

Other Plainsfolk Tribes Words & Expressions

Arkudenala - 'Sons of dragons' Refers to Bakali.


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