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Tarn Bellowgranite

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Tarn Bellowgranite (? - ? AC) was born the son of a Hylar Dwarf named Baker Whitegranite and a Daergar Dwarf named Garimeth Bellowsmoke. He was known to have had at least one cousin named Shahar Bellowsmoke. Tarn married a hill dwarf named Crystal Heathstone and together they had one child named Tor Bellowgranite in 422 AC, and she was pregnant with their second child in 423 AC.

Tarn was known to have had a straw yellow beard, golden hair, and large white eyes with violet pupils that turn purple when his thoughts were grim, and was known to be tall for a dwarf. His hair though as of 421 AC, had started turning prematurely gray.

Early Years

Tarn was known to be a hot head in his younger years. He was always willing to start a fight with whoever got near him. He always lived a life of comfort being well supported by his mother's money and his father's status in Hybardin. For this, he has never done any real kind of work or joined the army. He did fall for a veteran Hylar warrior named Belicia Felixia Slateshoulders.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, Tarn's mother Garimeth declared that she was going to Break Bond with her husband, moving back to Daerforge. Tarn would later follow her there after having no respect for his father. An assassin named Slickblade was ordered to kill Tarn so that he would be silenced. In one attempt on Tarn's life, he was saved from the assassin's bolt when an Aghar Dwarf named Rocco took the bolt.

When Tarn was trying to return to Hybardin with Regal Wise-Always and other Aghar Dwarves, Slickblade attacks them on the dock again. Duck Bigdwarf stopped Slickblade's weapon from killing Tarn, and it instead killed Duck. Tarn drove the assassin away again and took Slickblade's sword, which the assassin had dropped. Tarn would claim this sword for his own, using the sword to fight off shadow wights who had invaded Thorbardin.

Tarn meets back up with Belicia and together with Regal, who gave the Helm of Tongues to Tarn, travel to where the Platinum Egg was stored. There he met up with his father. Baker ordered Tarn to leave and take their people with him while he released the power of the Platinum Egg, which would also kill him in the process. Tarn reluctantly left his father and he led his people out of Thorbardin and into exile. He was named the new Hylar Thane.

First Exile

Tarn, along with Belicia and the Klar Thane Tufa Bloodeye took two thousand dwarves into exile in the Kharolis Mountains. At one point Tarn and his people came upon a bridge that Neidar Dwarves were holding. A fight ensues between their champions, for Tarn it was Barzack who would fight the Neidar chieftain Katzynn Bonebreaker. Barzack loses the fight, but Katzynn still allowed the Hylar to cross the bridge.

Sometime during the early part of the Age of Mortals, the other dwarven clans of Thorbardin allowed for Tarn and his people to go back into Thorbardin. The Theiwar and Daergar were not ready to accept him yet as High King, so Tarn had his people attempt to reclaim Hybardin, but this was a failed attempt that resulted in many deaths including his own betrothed Belicia Felixia Slateshoulders. Tarn instead built the city of Norbardin around 384 AC, and he built a structure to live in called simply the Fortress. The majority of the other clans fled their crumbling cities to move to this new city under Thorbardin, and Tarn's claim to the title of High King was solidified.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls, Tarn got the other thanes to agree to assist the Qualinesti Elves in their retreat of Qualinost and the rest of Qualinesti by having Tractor Worms dig tunnels from the city to the border of the forest. This was the agreement he struck with Kerianseray, the "Lioness", with the help of his fellow Hylar dwarf Stanach Hammerfell. This of course didn't go as planned, and when Beryllinthranox was killed and fell upon the city of Qualinost; her body collapsed these tunnels killing many thousands of elven and dwarven warriors. This hurt Tarn's image to his people, and the gates were sealed to Thorbardin again in 421 AC.

Rebellion and Exile Again

Even though Tarn stayed good friends with the Klar Thane Glint Ettinhammer, the rest of the clans began to turn on Tarn. In 423 AC, the rebellion began. The Hylar Dwarf Jungor Stonesinger began the rebellion, and just when it seemed Tarn was going to win, Jungor captured Tor and Tarn had to surrender in order to save his son. He gives the Hammer of Kharas to Jungar, and agreed to go into exile. A Klar Dwarf named Ogduan Bloodspike told Tarn to go to Pax Tharkas to find a new life. Tarn took his advice and 300 followers went with him to the stronghold of Pax Tharkas, there he was going to begin his rule.


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