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Blazewight (? - 426 AC) was a male Red Dragon that made a pact with Chaos to survive the destruction of Krynn. Chaos turned Blazewight into a Fire Dragon as part of the pact. His scales turned black, with magma coursing through his veins just beneath the surface of his scales. His wings appear as burned masts without sails and his eyes glow a fiery orange. Underwater a field of steam surrounded him due to his body temperature.

Age of Mortals

After the Chaos War and the appearance of the Dragon Overlords, Blazewight believed he could become an Overlord as well. Joining in the Dragonpurge, he killed other dragons and fashioned his own Skull totem from their skulls. However, he ran a foul of Malystryx. She infected him with some kind of affliction that sent his magma blood soaring in temperature. He almost died as his own blood threatened to consume him. He retreated into the sea to keep from burning up. However, significant damage was done, as his body became charcoal. Were it not for the pressure of the deep, his body would have fallen apart.

Post War of Souls

Sometime after his arrival underwater, Blazewight enslaved the Blood Shoal City of the Mahkwahb. It was here that he located the Impaling Throne and embarked on his plan to heal himself by turning the area around Blood Shoal into a domain of Chaos. He hoped that the change would cure of him his affliction. However, his plan was stopped by the Steward of Sunken Istar, the Dargonesti Sea Elf, Apoletta. Distracted by her companions, Apoletta struck Blazewight with a Dragonlance, but the dragonlance did not kill him immediately.. After a short battle, Blazewight crumbled to death from the wound inflicted upon him by the dragonlance.


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