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Kelwyn Ogrebane

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Sir Kelwyn Ogrebane (? - ? AC) was a Knight of the Crown stationed in Palanthas. Kelwyn was known to be 6'2" tall and weighed 190 pounds. His favored weapon was the Longsword, he wore chainmail armor, and used a Shield. He was also known to have had access to a Dragonlance.

Chaos War

When the Knights of Takhisis attacked the High Clerist's Tower, Sir Kelwyn was busy in Palanthas doing something secretly. For this, he had a lot of guilt and a sense of shame, but he was determined to atone for this mistake and gain back his honor. Besides wallowing in his own self-pity by trying to drink himself into a stupor, he helped Sir Bradwick Thanedon in the saving of Solamnic families. It is unknown what became of Sir Kelwyn following the war.


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