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Bradwick Thanedon

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Bradwick Thanedon (? - ? AC) was born of a proud Ergothian family with strong ties to the Knights of Solamnia, many of the family members being knights themselves for many years. Bradwick joined the Knights following both his father and two brothers profession. His father was killed during the War of the Lance, and his brothers were both killed during the Chaos War presumably.

Sir Bradwick was known to have been of just above average height at 5'11" tall and weighed 200 pounds. He was known to have worn magic chainmail, used a two-handed sword, and had access to a Dragonlance.

Chaos War

Sir Bradwick was on his way to join in the defense of the High Clerist's Tower, but after his ship arrived in Palanthas, he heard that the tower had fallen to the Knights of Takhisis. Instead, Sir Bradwick joined a resistance movement in Palanthas, disguising himself as a deaf beggar all the while he helped out Solamnic Knight's families escape from the city rather than have been captured with the help of Sir Kelwyn Ogrebane. This gained him the respect and gratitude of many families who were able to escape. It is unknown what became of Sir Bradwick following the Chaos War.


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