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Ivor of Langtree

Article written by Uziel

Ivor of Langtree (? AC - ? AC) was the ruler of the town of Langtree in the years prior to the War of the Lance. Known as a wise tactician and strategist, Ivor signed a treaty with the king of Vantal, in order to maintain a joint alliance against the ogres of Blöde and any other enemies that would rise against either Vantal or Langtree. Ivor was also known to openly worship the god Kiri-Jolith, a practice which earned him the nickname "The Mad Baron", as most folk considered the gods to be gone from the world at this point. Ivor was known to be good at a game called Knight's Jump, and his favorite mount that he rode into battle was Jet.

NameIvor of Langtree
AliasThe Mad Baron
Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Height5' 2"
OccupationBaron of Langtree
SiblingsOne elder brother

Born as a second son, Ivor never expected to rule and spent his young days living by the sword, hiring companies of men, which he led into battle. With the untimely death of his brother however, he inherited rule of the town of Langtree. Described as a small and slender man who stood at five feet and two inches, with a dark complexion, long black hair and brown eyes, he could almost be mistaken for a kender. However he was also reputed to have the courage of a much larger man. He was known to love fighting, gambling, ale and women, in that particular order.

Whilst he did continue to serve as the ruler of Langtree, Ivor also continued to train and build his own private army of mercenaries, who were much sought after for many causes. However Ivor would only allow his troops to engage in causes he deemed honorable and just.


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