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Hope's End

Article written by Uziel & Kranar Drogin

The town of Hope's End, named after the Hope River, is located westwards of the ruins of Xak Mahyar in the region of Blöde. Sitting at the western base of the Khalkist Mountains with three sides of the town protected by these mountains with the fourth open to a fertile valley. A road ran from the city through this valley and into a mountain pass. Hope's End resides on the edge of the Blödehelm area and was once a vassal-town of the city of Vantal.

CityHope's End
Settlement TypeLarge Town
LeaderLord Mayor
Foundedca. 1020 PC

The city has been around since the Third Dragon War, and survived the Cataclysm that destroyed so many other places. The oldest buildings of the city are located in the western part of the city, but most of these have been torn down and the pieces were used to build warehouses. By day this area has many tradesmen and craftsmen, but at night was a different story when thieves would come out to prey on victims. There was a city wall that surrounded the city with a small creek running along the wall.

A town of merchants and traders, Hope's End was once prosperous, until the king of Vantal imposed a trade tax on them shortly before the War of the Lance in the form of a 25% tax on any item entering or exiting the city. In an uproar the Merchant's Guild of Hope's End (the ruling guild of the town) decreed that the tax was unfair and sent a delegate to Vantal to request it be lifted. In response the delegate was executed and a full Dragonarmy was sent to invade Hope's End. However the forces of the baron of Langtree defended Hope's End and saved the town from utter destruction.

A Lord Mayor governs the town, however the Merchant's Guild is the most powerful organization of the town.

Buildings of Hope's End

Gibbous Moon
Temple of Paladine

Roads and Streets of Hope's End

Tavern Row

Guilds of Hope's End

Merchant's Guild


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