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Durgar Fireforge

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Durgar Fireforge (ca. 1 AC - 253 AC) was a Neidar Dwarf born to the Fireforge Clan of Hillhome. His father was Reghar Fireforge and his mother unknown, with one brother. He married an unknown frawl and together they had fourteen childred including Aylmar Fireforge, Flint Fireforge, Ruberik Fireforge, Glynnis Fireforge, Fidelia Fireforge, Tybalt Fireforge, Bernhard Fireforge, and Jeth Fireforge.

Durgar's Life

Durgar grew up on the family farm in near Hillhome where he learned to become a farmer. He joined his father and took part in the Dwarfgate War against the Mountain Dwarves. He was involved in several battles and fought with an axe and a crossbow, the later was his favorite weapon he passed down to his son Ruberick. From this war, his deep hatred of the mountain dwarves grew even more which he passed on to his children. After the death of his father he returned home and took over the family farm where he worked until he died from heart failure. He was buried in the Fireforge family burial grounds outside of Hillhome.


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