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House Protector

Article written by Kranar Drogin

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The warrior elves of House Protector, also known as House Defender, are those Silvanesti Elves who defend the nation of Silvanesti.

Silvanesti Armies

Northern Silvanesti Army (349 AC)

Army Commander Althanos Terinani

Sithelnost Division
Protector Lord: Reyl Konnal
- 1st Sithelnost Leaf - Light Infantry
- 3rd Sithelnost Leaf - Light Infantry
- 4th Sithelnost Leaf - Archers
- 6th Sithelnost Leaf - Archers

Silvanost Division
Protector Lord: Dereleanas
- 2nd Silvanost Leaf - Archers
- 3rd Silvanost Leaf - Light Infantry
- 4th Silvanost Leaf - Archers
- 5th Silvanost Leaf - Light Infantry
- 6th Silvanost Leaf - Archers
- Silvanost Griffon Wing - 34 Griffons

Tarithnesti Division
Commander: Parnitha
- Tarithnesti Soldiers
- Tarithnesti Archers

Kurinost Division
Commander: Haslaran
- Kurinost Marines
- Kurinost Arcana
- Kurinost Archers
- Kurinost Griffon Wings - 8 Griffons

Wildrunners (349 AC)

Army Commander: Protector General Cadimus Tederai

1st Wildrunners
Commander: Tarakanthis
- 1st Cavalry - Light
- 1st Spear
- 1st Sword
- 1st Bow
- 1st Arcana
- 1st Griffons - 20 griffons

2nd Wildrunners
Commander: Sorfina
- 2nd Spear
- 2nd Sword
- 2nd Bow
- 2nd Arcana


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