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Lute the Pawnbroker

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Lute (? - ? AC) was one of the leaders for the resistance group Hidden Light based out of Neraka. He was known to have hated the Dragonarmies with a passion. He once was a merchant in Khur, but his family was wiped out by the invading dragonarmies. He moved to Neraka to be closer to what he hates the most, and vigorously worked to shake the roots of evil power. Draconians were what killed his family, and if he were able to corner one he will stab it in the back at the first chance. Lute was known to have been short, thin, initially surly attitude toward strangers, extremely alert, and always ready for action. While in Neraka he owned the pawnshop Lute's Loot in the Red District.


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