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Hidden Light

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The resistance group Hidden Light was founded by an innkeeper named Talent Orren, innkeeper of the Inn of the Broken Shield in Neraka. Talent formed the group during the War of the Lance as a way to try and disrupt and eventually bring about the fall of the Dragonarmies. There were only one hundred and forty-nine known members at its height, with Maelstrom and Lute the Pawnbroker who assisted Talent.

Each member was known to have sworn an oath to oppose the Dark Queen and the dragonarmies. They acted very cautiously in their acts, mostly looking for single men and women to join their cause, but if they were to find a married person they wouldn't be put on as dangerous missions. Talent was very cautious and would never throw away his men on some stupid cause, rather waiting until they could strike and then run without any losses of life on their part. For this, members of the Hidden Light tended to be fiercely loyal to Talent.


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