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Talent Orren

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Talent Orren (? - ? AC) was the leader of the resistant movement Hidden Light in Neraka during the War of the Lance. He was also the owner of the Inn of the Broken Shield, which was the base of his operations in the city. He was known to have been a responsible and cautious leader not wanting to risk the lives of his men in missions that most likely would no succeed. He would never risk the lives of his followers that were married, wanting to instead risk the ones that were single in deadly missions. He was assisted by his companions Maelstrom and Lute the Pawnbroker. His main goal was to topple the Dragonarmies and bring the light back to Neraka.

Talent Orren was known to have been handsome, have a thin mustache, long, flowing brown hair, moved with a catlike grace, was very quiet in his walk, and had natural stealth in his movements.


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