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Article written by Paul Record & Kranar Drogin

Rabbitslayer is one of several magical daggers crafted by members of the Orders of High Sorcery during the rule of Beldinas Pilofiro when wizards were being persecuted. The magic within the blade ensured the wizard always has a weapon at hand, no matter what happens. The magic transports the dagger to the owner no matter the distance, but if the owner willingly gives it up to someone, the dagger then bonds to the new person.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot claimed that Rabbitslayer was found in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth, and as soon as Caramon Majere saw Tas with it he made fun of the dagger by calling it a 'rabbit slayer'. The only exception to this rule is that it seems Rabbitslayer was so well bound to Tasslehoff that it would return to him even if he gave it willingly to someone. He once gave it to Tika Waylan, but it then returned back to him while adventuring with Flint Fireforge during the War of the Lance at Duncan's Tomb. Tas was able to use it to slay a Baaz Draconian later in the war and had to leave it behind in the stone corpse, but the dagger would later return to Tas by magical means.

Rabbitslayer was also used to end the Chaos War when Tas stuck it into Chaos's large toe and drew a single drop of blood to be caught in the Graygem by Usha Majere. When Tas disappeared after the war, it was one of the few possessions of his that was left in Solace. Following the War of Souls the dagger was in the possession of Valthonis.


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