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Icon of Truth

Article written by Paul Record & Kranar Drogin

The Icon of Truth is a piece of ivory that has been carved to resemble the Tobril and is encrusted with precious gemstones. During the days of Beldinas Pilofiro, these magical icons were used to verify statements and oaths made in various courts.

Justin's Icon of Truth

This icon of truth doesn't resemble your standard icon. Justin's Icon of Truth was a series of carved ivory disks, held together with a platinum post. On these disks was the final writing of Justin just prior to the Cataclysm striking Krynn. The writings include that there was a greater power beyond the gods of Krynn, and that the union of magical and clerical power in divine origin. Only those who follow the gods of good may touch them, while those who follow the gods of evil will be injured. This icon of truth was more powerful than just the standard icon.


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