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Emilo Haversack

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Emilo Haversack (? - ? AC) was an ordinary Kender. Led his early life like most kender, learning how to picks locks, disable traps, and taunt his enemies. At about twenty he left on wanderlust. When exactly this happened has yet to be revealed. All that was known was that Emilo was raised in Tengrapes, a town about twenty miles south of Kendermore, but that all changed when he meets the Dwarf, Gantor Blacksword.

Emilo was known to have had brown hair, and had atleast one cousin named Sipperwink.

Early Age of Despair

Long before the War of the Lance, or anything else, in the year 251 AC, Emilo's life was turned upside down. While wandering the Plains of Dust, Emilo meets the exiled dark dwarf Gantor Blacksword. Gantor, not playing with a full deck to begin with, had been driven even more insane due to fatigue, thirst, hunger, and the weight of being exiled, and almost immediately slew Emilo, were it not for the proclamation of the kender that he knew where fresh water and shelter could be found. The dwarf, practical like most of his kin, decided to let Emilo live just long enough for him to find the promised haven from the desert. Emilo led Gantor into Skullcap. Deep within the structure's bowels, they came upon something that had unnerved the normally unshakeable kender, the Skull of Fistandantilus and his infamous Bloodstone amulet. Upon seeing the large and obviously valuable (monetarily at any rate), Gantor attacked and nearly killed Emilo, leaving the kender unconscious. When he finally awoke, Emilo had no recollection of who he was or where he was. For decades the unfortunate kender wandered aimlessly, as kender do, unknowingly hosting part of the essence of Fistandantilus.

Post-War of the Lance

Emilo resurfaced in the year 374 AC when he accidentally came across an ex-{Seeker} priest of Fistandantilus known as Kelryn Darewind. Kelryn Darewind had captured a young boy named Danyal Thwait, and a cleric of Gilean named Foryth Teel. Bearing the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus since 263 AC when he took it from Gantor, Kelyrn started the religion in an attempt to garner wealth and power, goaded by the portion of Fistandantilus stored within the powerful artifact. Dan and Foryth escaped with Emilo's help and the threesome meet up with Mirabeth, the daughter and last surviving member of the family of a Knight of Solamnia named Sir Harold the White, disguising herself as a kendermaid. Kelryn soon captured the girl. Dan, Foryth and Emilo escaped, and soon found and invaded Loreloch, Kelryn's stronghold, in an attempt to free her. While trying to escape, Mirabeth and Danyal were captured by Darewind while a Red Dragon named Flayzeranyx, or Flayze, torched the hideout. This same dragon had days before, destroyed the town of Waterton, from which Danyal hailed. The wyrm was being directed by the Skull of Fistandantilus in an attempt to bring all his parts together.

The friends escaped along with Darewind and made their way to Flayze's lair. Inside, the skull, Emilo, the bloodstone, and a fourth, hitherto unnoticed object, a silver belt buckle worn by Dan and containing more of Fistandantilus' essence, resurrect the arch-wizard. Unfortunately, two versions of Fistandantilus are created, one a living man, the other, an undead lich. The two incarnations kill Flayze, and then absorb Kelryn's life-force. Both manifestations of Fistandantilus fight over the Bloodstone amulet, which destroys them both.

Emilo and his friends go their own separate ways shortly thereafter. Foryth, now with the power of Gilean backing him, travels through time personally living various events. Mirabeth and Danyal make their own way into the world together, and Emilo continues his wandering.

Behind the Scenes

Emilo has made a cameo appearance in Tymora's Luck, which was a Forgotten Realms novel.


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