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Vingaard Campaign, The

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Vingaard Campaign was fought in the spring of 352 AC in Solamnia's provinces of Plains of Solamnia and Nightlund. The war was named after the beginning battle at Vingaard Keep, and the campaign continued until the liberation of Kalaman when the Whitestone Army finally had defeated the Dragonarmies in Solamnia.

The armies involved were the Whitestone Army led by Laurana Kanan, Blue Wing led by Highmaster Bakaris, Red Wing led by Bakaris, Green Wing led by Highmaster Kadagh, and the White Wing led by Highlord Toede. The Gold General defeated all of the different Dragonarmies surprisingly in less than a month.

The Main Battles

Battle of Vingaard Fortress

Main article: Battle of Vingaard Fortress

This was the first battle between the forces of good and evil. Whitestone Army and the Blue Wing, which was stationed there, met in aerial combat, but the Whitestone Army was victorious.

Battle of Throtl

Main article: Battle of Throtl

The Battle of Throtl was a decisive blow against the Green Wing by the Whitestone Army. Most of the Green Dragons were killed in the initial hour of battle, and the survivors of the city retreated when night fell up on the city leaving it a liberated city.

Battle of the Narrows

Main article: Battle of the Narrows

Was a major confrontation between the Whitestone Army and the White Wing. Even though the White Wing had more dragon numbers than the Green Wing had, they were inevitably crushed along with significant numbers of infantry and cavalry.

Battle at Margaard Ford

Main article: Battle at Margaard Ford

This was the final battle of the Campaign with the crushing defeat of both the Blue and Red Wing in Solamnia. Following this battle the Whitestone Army marched into Kalaman and liberated it from the grip of the Highlords.


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