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Thunderbane (? AC - ? AC) was a Hill Giant born the son of Stormogre in the Southern Ergoth city of Daltigoth along with his brothers Hammerfall and Strokelightning. Since he was young enough to remember, he was born to rule. Just like his father, Thunderbane was known to be a merciless and cunning tyrant. He was foul-tempered, mean-spirited, and regularly engaged in acts of cruelty against lesser beings. He weighed in at over one thousand pounds, and had an eleven foot tall frame. His skin resembled burnished bronze, and hair a reddish-brown that was worn loose with small decorations of beads in it. It is known that he had at least one son, a Frost Giant named Shai-Horef.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
RaceHill Giant
Hair ColorReddish-brown
Eye ColorUnknown
Weight1000 Pounds
OccupationOverseer of Morgash Bay Mines
Leader of the Wilder Ogres of Southern Ergoth
SiblingsHammerfall, Strokelightning

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, he ran the mines near Morgash Bay. This mine produced many metals for the White Dragonarmy Highlord Feal-Thas. Whenever a slave would escape, Thunderbane would take great joy out of chasing down and killing the escaping slave. He was also simply waiting for his father to either die or be killed, and then Thunderbane would be able to take control and drive the Elves and Humans from Southern Ergoth.

Thunderbane did run into a little trouble in the form of a Gnome slave. His name was Theodenes, and when he collapsed one of the quarries, he escaped and stole the Singing Statue from Thunderbane. This enraged Thunderbane and he gave chase, eventually arriving at Foghaven, but it is unknown if he succeeded.

During the war, his father died. He and his brothers fought for who would be the next Dictator of Daltigoth. Stormogre's cousin, Kthaarx drove them from the city and Kthaarx became the next ruler.

Age of Mortals

After the Chaos War, Kthaarx's son, an Ogre named Tdarnk, became the next ruler of the city. Thunderbane recognized Tdarnk as the ruler of Daltigoth in return for being allowed to rule the wilder ogres of the region. The distant cousins agreed.

In 395 AC, Gellidus took Southern Ergoth as his own. Tdarnk and Thunderbane wanted to be in the Dragon Overlord's good graces. Thunderbane even gave his son, Shai-Horef to the Dragon. After a few years it seemed that Thunderbane would succeed over Tdarnk, but Tdarnk became an Ogre Titan. With his new found abilities Tdarnk managed to usurp Thunderbane as Gellidus's favored servant.

Just prior to the War of Souls, Thunderbane and his followers attacked Daltigoth. The attack did not go well and ended with Thunderbane dueling Tdarnk in the Dome of Gold with Tdarnk as the victor. Tdarnk had Thunderbane's head placed above the gate of Harkmor Way in Daltigoth as a warning to others.


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