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Terrisleetix (? - ? AC), or just Sleet, was a White Dragon who was famous for being the mount to Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas. She was known not to have been an unintelligent dragon, but was very lazy which in turn slowed down her thoughts. She was mostly always found asleep in her lair. She would use this laziness to her best interests by lying down and becoming like a snowdrift until her prey came near and then would pounce on them.

Despite being lazy, Sleet was a massive dragon with great agility. She was known to have weighed to heavily upon these attributes and would normally charge headlong into a fight, and was even known not to use her breath weapon until long into the battle. It is unknown if she had any spell casting ability.

Third Dragon War

During the Third Dragon War, she was a very aggressive and crafty white dragon. She fought many of her Metallic Dragon enemies, slaying several including a powerful Silver Dragon. She was one of the many Chromatic Dragons that was sent into dragon slumber, which for her was at Icereach.

War of the Lance

In the years prior to the War of the Lance, Sleet went around waking other dragons to join in the Dark Queen's war. One dragon in particular was Keristillax whom she attempted to have join the cause in 294 AC, but he refused to join with her. Following the waking of the other dragons, she became the dragon to Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas of the White Dragonarmy even though she had no desire to conquer Ansalon.

At first Sleet was impressed by this dark elf with his dark plots and schemes, but soon she grew bored of his haughtiness. With her fear of the Dark Queen though, she never was able to act upon her instinct of just eating the elf. In 351 AC, Sleet was ordered to find Tanis Half-Elven and his companions, but was not able to located them. When she returned back to the Ice Wall Castle she found Feal-Thas had been slain.

Sleet was ordered by the Dark Queen to track down the companions, led by Laurana Kanan, and take back the Dragon Orb that was kept at Ice Wall Castle. It took her awhile to figure out how to attack them on the ship they were on. When she did finally figure it out, she breathed ice on the ship, disabling it, and drove it toward shore. The only flaw in this plan was that rocks were just off the beach of the island, which happened to be Southern Ergoth, and the ship started sinking. She then returned to the Ice Wall feeling that the dragon orb was lost.


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