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Serinda Elderwood

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Trampas Whiteman, Lindsay Archer

Serinda Elderwood (Mishamont 7, 283 AC - ? AC) was of the Silvanesti Elf Elderwood Family, but was the last of line once they were all killed during the War of the Lance. Like most Silvanesti, she was cool and aloof, but was more open-minded and accepting of the other races. She had a regal bearing and stature; she was more sympathetic to those in need, and she hates pirates and bandits. She developed a puckish sense of humor after being with Kronn that would sometimes shine through. Extremely generous, she was always willing to help those in need.

Serinda by Lindsay Archer.
Serinda by Lindsay Archer.
NameSerinda Elderwood
AliasSerinda Sevenstar
Birth Mishamont 7, 283 AC
Death? AC
Nationality Silvanesti
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorHazel
Weight105 lb
Class Fighter/ Wizard
OccupationShip Captain

Early Life

Serinda was born in the Silvanesti city of Phalinost, but was raised on her parent's ship sailing all over Ansalon. They would help those in need. With this, Serinda was able to learn all the necessary skills to become the next great ship captain for the family.

War of the Lance

When the War of the Lance broke out on Ansalon, Serinda was in charge of her own merchant ship. When the Dragonarmies broke their word in 349 AC starting The Silvanesti Campaign, Serinda was away. When she returned to Silvanesti, she learned that her entire family was wiped out in the initial attack. Serinda quickly volunteered her vessel to assist Lorac Caladon's order to evacuate the nation.

When the fleet was set upon by a storm near Nordmaar, her ship was separated from the fleet. Right after the storm ended, Mandracore the Reaver's pirates attacked her ship off of Endscape. Serinda ordered her crew to fight, but she was knocked unconscious when a Wizard on the pirate ship started attacking the ship with spells. When she awoke, she found herself ashore about ten miles from the Nordmaarian city of Pentar. She made her way to Pentar to find out what happened to the elves on her ship, but was attacked when she arrived in the city. Only with the help of Kronn Thistleknot was she able to escape from the city, and decided to make their way to Kronn's home.

At some point after the battle with Mandracore the Reaver's pirate forces, Serinda was given a ring of projection from the black sea wizard, Mellick, as a memento of the battle.

Kender Tales

Serinda has also been known as Serinda Sevenstar. She was said to represent a group of Silvanesti elves seeking safe passage across southern Ansalon; her people would only trust one of their own kind. Serinda was said to be attracted to the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot. During this adventure, she was said to also adventure with Jasper Fireforge, who was then a cleric of Reorx, as well as the elf prince Gilthanas Kanan, who irritated her at first, but she warmed up to. Her other companions for this adventure were Goldmoon, Riverwind, Asheena Flamebrow, and Vanderjack. This particular tale ends with the death of Porthios and the destruction of Qualinesti in the Age of Despair, years before Qualinesti's actual destruction.


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