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Raggart Knug

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Raggart Knug (291 AC - ? AC) was an Ice Folk Cleric who had the ability to forge frostreavers. His family had been clerics of Paladine prior to the Cataclysm, and when they left Krynn, they pledged to wait for some sign of the return of the true gods. He was married to an unknown woman, and together they had two children, a son and a daughter. His daughter died years prior to the War from sickness, and his son was killed by Minotaurs during the War. Raggart had hard, blue yet, a frail looking body that was very tough, and he had a fondness for living creatures.

Early Years

During his earlier years of life, he was a guide for people of his tribe to the Icewall. This would lead him to become the most learned guide of his tribe. He never learned how to fight during this time, relying on the Warriors of the tribe to protect him which they became very good at. If the warriors got into some sort of battle, Raggart would wait behind the lines to heal their wounds. He privately wished that he would be the one that the first true cleric came to.

War of the Lance

During the years prior and during the War of the Lance, Raggart became the Revered Cleric among his people. He was the only one left who had the ability to create frostreavers, the ice axes the Ice Folk are renown for. He spent most of his time during the War, crafting them for the tribes to war against the Thanoi. Following the death of his son, he chose himself an apprentice in order to teach him the skills to create the frostreavers.

Even though Raggart wasn't one to mince words and talked rather bluntly, his chieftain Harald Haaken convinced him to be a negotiator between the tribes in order to better ally against the White Dragonarmy. He eventually met up with a group of adventurers led by a Qualinesti Elf named Laurana Kanan in 351 AC. The group claimed to have a true cleric of Paladine with them named Elistan. When Harald and his followers found out that the group wanted to go to the Icewall Castle, Harald ordered Raggart to take them to the castle against the clerics wishes. He guided them to the Castle, and along the way began to believe that Elistan really was a true cleric rather than a sham like he originally thought. After the death of the Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas, the group stayed the night at the castle and Raggart learned at the feet of Elistan all night, becoming a new cleric to Paladine in the morning. He took this back to his tribe to assist in the rebuilding following the Battle of the Ice Reaches.

One other thing to note was that Raggart supposedly wrote {Rime Amid Reason: The Autobiography of Raggart, Poet of the Ice Barbarians}.


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