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Paladine and Pyrite by PsychaDurmont.
Paladine and Pyrite by PsychaDurmont.
Pyrite (? - ? AC), or Fool's Gold, was the longest living Gold Dragon when the War of the Lance broke out on Ansalon. His true name cannot be recalled, with Pyrite being a name that younger dragons have affectionately called him. As long as you treated him with respect for his age, he would treat fairly with most mortals.

Pyrite was known to have many scars covering his very wrinkled dragon hide, and his hide was thicker in age than any of his younger dragons. He was missing all of his teeth, vision that was so bad that he would mistake friend for foe, deaf, but a very quick mind. With his teeth being gone, he would have to gum his food, which consisted of grains, wheat, oatmeal, and other food of high fiber.

Third Dragon War

Pyrite fought during the Third Dragon War for Huma Dragonbane. It was known that Pyrite was very protective of this Knight of Solamnia even swearing to Paladine that he would protect the knight, and may have been a personal guard of some sort. In his later years, he would relive these battles and be ready to go to war for Huma at any time.

War of the Lance

He was found wandering Ansalon with Fizban until he had to turn into a golden statue and travel the land with a Kender named Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Following the war, he was last seen still traveling with the kender.


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