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Suzine's Mirror

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Suzine's Mirror was a magical artifact that was owned by Suzine des Quivalin during the Kinslayer War. The mirror was made of crystal glass set in a very lovely square frame, surrounded in large exquisite gems. There were four square gems set into each of the corners of the frame; with two more round gems flanking each of those four larger ones.

When a person used the mirror, they would simply concentrate on whom or what they would like to see, but they would have to know where the person or thing was at in order to see what was happening around them. The mirror does not allow the person to hear what is going on in the image, but if the user is good enough they can read the person's lips. The owner of the mirror could have also used it to scan the surrounding areas of an army randomly, to see if enemy forces were in hiding or sneaking around. Once the concentration of the one using the mirror is broken, the magical link is broken and the image is no longer on the mirror, returning it to a regular looking mirror.

Kinslayer War

During the war, Suzine would use the mirror originally to assist her lover General Giarna against Kith-Kanan's armies for the Empire of Ergoth. She would use it to find out troop numbers, formations, and where they had set up ambushes against the General. Eventually she would fall in love with the elven general she was suppose to spy on for her lover. During the Siege of Sithelbec, Suzine used the mirror and smashed it over Giarna's head when he was about to kill Kith-Kanan. She would later pick all the pieces up and keep them safe.

In 2182 PC, Suzine had the mirror reconstructed by the best elven artisans that money could buy. They were able to reconstruct the mirror back to its original form except for a few slivers missing. When she went to try and assassinate Giarna in 2177 PC, she died with it in its case on her belt. What became of the mirror following the war is unknown.


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