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Glade Hornfel Kytil

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Glade Hornfel Kytil (? AC - 383 AC) was born of unknown parentage, but he at least one known cousin named Baker Whitegranite. Hornfel became the first King of Thorbardin since the Cataclysm. He was always advocating for the dwarves to integrate themselves back with the world, but only had small successes with trade.

Hornfel was known to have had brawny forearms, well-muscled shoulders, shorter than the average dwarf, hawk-like brown eyes, regal good looks, one brown hair turn silver over the years, and scars on his hands and arms for his years of battling for Clan Hylar. His writing was known to have been thin and precise. He had an impeccable judge of character, master debater, excellent leader, and a master of the sword and tongue.

Early Life

Not much is known about his early years of life. He was known to have led Hylar soldiers against both the Theiwar and Daergar clans when they rioted. One thing of note is that a Human arrived in the kingdom going by the name of Jordy, Piper was his dwarven nickname though. Hornfel gave his word for the human, and Piper would life in the kingdom with the dwarves.

War of the Lance

Hornfel ruled the Council of Thanes during the early part of the War of the Lance. A Kingsword named Stormblade was crafted for him by Isarn Hammerfell and his apprentice Stanach Hammerfell. The sword was stolen and then lost in the wilderness outside of Thorbardin. Eventually Stanach found the sword and returned it to Thorbardin only for it to be taken by Realgar. Hornfel and Realgar fought over the sword, and Hornfel came out on top when Realgar plummeted to his death.

Eventually though, the Heroes of the Lance also arrived and in exchange for shelter, they would find the Hammer of Kharas for him. The Heroes find the sword and before a huge assembly of Dwarves, presented it to him. Hornfel was now officially the King of Thorbardin.

Chaos War

When Chaos's forces invaded Krynn, Hornfel led an army of Hylar Warriors to assist in the Chaos War. He left his cousin Baker Whitegranite in charge of his kingdom in his absense. His army met up with Knights of Solamnia and Knights of Takhisis, but as far as what happened to them it is unknown. Hornfel along with his entire army was thought to have been entirely wiped out in the war. It is known that his son Arman Kharas who accompanied them, was killed in the waters near Palanthas.


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