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Bertrem (321 AC - 421 AC) was a member of the Order of Aesthetics since just before 342 AC. He was known to have had a shaved, bald head, short, pudgy, fidgety, wore glasses, had a high, quavering voice, and a nervous tic which was to run his hands over his scalp. Before the gods were forced to leave Krynn following the Chaos War, he was the personal assistant to Astinus. Bertrem was known to fiercely protect his master's privacy, whom he respects, admires, and fears. One of his constant nightmares that he had, was Kender would come into the Great Library and steal books from it.

War of the Lance

Bertrem never saw his master for the first ten years that he had been in Astinus's service, until in 352 AC, a young wizard named Raistlin Majere was dieing on the Library's front steps. Bertrem had him brought into the Library at his master's order so the young man would be able to heal up.

Blue Lady's War

Just prior to the Blue Lady's War, Bertrem again saw Raistlin in to see his master Astinus. Only this time Raistlin was full of his power rather than dieing on the steps. Bertrem was in the Great Library when he saw a Draconian touch one of the great books. He then fought just as hard as anyone to defend the Great Library from attack and to assist in fighting fires. For this, Astinus put his name down as one of the Heroes of Palanthas in one of the great books. Bertrem was known to pause at its location and touch the book.

Age of Mortals

Following the disappearance of the gods in 383 AC, Bertrem became the head of the Great Library. He worked on making the library a more diverse place as far as books there, rather than just history books. He would have his Aesthetics chronicle even the everyday lives of the people of Krynn. He continued his work right up to the War of Souls before passing away at a ripe age of 100.


Some say that he was in his fifties during the War of the Lance, but this was not possible. If he had been, as a human he would have been 120 upon his death, which seems highly unlikely. Also, multiple references in Chronicles and Legends state that he was young.

Behind the Scenes

Bertrem was created after the French word of Bertram, which means famous raven and represents wisdom.


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