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Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Youngbloods was a band of hot-blooded Qualinesti Elves that was formed by Aliona Damere. This group was formed when the Speaker of the Sun sent Aliona to set up Qualimori on Southern Ergoth. Aliona chose many of his friends for their idealism and youth, and set about to oversee the construction of the new elven city. They wanted to fight the Dragonarmies but were told they were too inexperienced to do so. On Southern Ergoth, they befriended the Kagonesti Elves, but hate the Silvanesti Elves thinking they are nothing more than schemers. During their stay on Southern Ergoth, Aliona led many raids upon the Silvanesti dressed as Kagonesti warriors. The elves in the band worship Gilthanas Kanan and feel that he would make a better Speaker of the Sun.


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