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Aliona Damere

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Nilstria Archmagus, Ambro

Aliona Damere (271 AC - ? AC) was born into a noble house of the Qualinesti Elves. He didn't feel like that this was the life for him and instead became a ranger and warrior that would push for changes. Aliona was known to have been a hotheaded youth, outspoken, brash, and self-confident. Older elves never would listen to him thinking he was being too 'human', but younger elves that had the same personality would be more willing to listen and join ranks with him. Aliona had dark hair and handsome features.

Aliona by Nilstria.
EnlargeAliona by Nilstria.
NameAliona Damere
Birth271 AC
Death? AC
NationalityQualinesti Elf
Hair ColorDark
Eye ColorUnknown
ClassNoble/ Ranger
OccupationLeader of Youngbloods

Early Life

During the years just before the War of the Lance, Aliona came to almost worship his personal hero Gilthanas Kanan for all his adventures and exploits. Following a personal meeting with the young prince, Aliona begins to hone his warrior skills and eventually leaves his family and friends to apprentice with a Qualinesti Ranger. During this time he concentrated more on archery and swordsmanship.

Eventually he is able to take and complete his Kentommen. He heard of problems with their cousins in Silvanesti, and joined with a group called the Leafblades. Together they journey to the ancient elven realm, only to have been attacked by Silvanesti Elves who were driven insane. Aliona and two of his companions returned back to Qualinesti, only to find a Dragonarmy approaching their homeland.


Just before the Qualinesti nation was to go into exile on Southern Ergoth, Aliona's father has him put in charge of a small defense group that would oversee the building of Qualimori. For this, Aliona selected many of his friends to journey with him and they collectively became known as the Youngbloods.

When they arrived on Southern Ergoth, he had his group set up contacts with the Kagonesti Elves and the Silvanesti Elves whom both lived on the island already. Aliona immediately took a liking to the Kagonesti, but thought the Silvanesti were holding something back and convinced the other Youngbloods of this. Personally, Aliona had always held a grudge against the Silvanesti for the loss of the other Leafblades in the ambush.

As tensions continued to grow between the Silvanesti and Qualinesti, more and more Qualinesti sided with the Youngbloods and joined with their ranks. Aliona hated the way the Kagonesti were treated by the Silvanesti, and always thought that Gilthanas would have been a much better Speaker of the Sun than his father Solostaran Kanan. It is unknown what became of him, following the war.

Kender Tales

An older source states that his class was just a Fighter.


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