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Hammerfell Clan

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Nancy Varian Berberick

The Hammerfell Clan.
EnlargeThe Hammerfell Clan.
The Hammerfell Clan was at one time two different branches. There was the very wealthy branch of the clan that lived in the depths of Thorbardin, and there was another who lived in Palanthas, but they no longer are around following the death of Kharzog Hammerfell.

The Hammerfells of Thorbardin were known to be master weapon smiths, and this was how they were able to earn all their money. The Hammerfells of Palanthas were known to have lived in Palanthas for twenty-five generations and were the original owners of the Founderstone of Palanthas. The clan was there before the building of the city and for that, were exempt from taxation by the city, which in turn allowed them to amass large amounts of money also.

Hammerfell Family Names

Balgard Hammerfell
Brimbar Hammerfell
Char Hammerfell
Clarm Hammerfell
Guarinn Hammerfell
Isarn Hammerfell
Kharzoq Hammerfell
Lunn Hammerfell
Oran Hammerfell
Rowson Hammerfell
Skarr Forgebright
Stanach Hammerfell
Tarran Ironwood
Toukere Hammerfell
Wulf Hammerfell
Yarden Ironwood


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