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Fireforge Clan

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Fireforge Family Tree.
EnlargeFireforge Family Tree.
The Fireforge Clan is one of the great Neidar Dwarf families that live around the great fortress of Thorbardin. They have generally always lived in the small town of Hillhome, located in the foothills around Thorbardin. When Reghar Fireforge married a young dwarf, little did he know what kind of condition she carried. From that point forward, young dwarves of this clan were known to have serious heart conditions, with many of the men dying from it at middle age.

One of Flint's younger sisters, name unknown, was killed during the Battle of Hillhome in 346 AC.

Fireforge Family Names

Aylmar Fireforge
Basalt Fireforge
Bernhard Fireforge
Bertina Fireforge
Durgar Fireforge
Fidelia Fireforge
Flint Fireforge
Garnet Fireforge
Glynnis Fireforge
Hildy Bowlderston
Jasper Fireforge
Jeth Fireforge
Obsidian Fireforge
Reghar Fireforge
Ruberik Fireforge
Tybalt Fireforge


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