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Temple of Akh-tazi

Article written by Paul Record & Uziel

The Temple of Akh-tazi is a temple said to be thousands of years old, located in the Emerald Sea of Neron. The dark temple was once a holy site for the Yaggol. It did serve as the base of operations for the Faceless Brethren until the winter of 425 AC.

The tall, stepped, ziggurat is hewn out of a glossy, black stone. Awful gargoyles of animal-men are perched on each step. Engraved across the surface of the temple are images depicting strange and blasphemous beings. The temple has an open courtyard that is ringed by pillars of black rock and a stone floor. On three sides of the courtyard are the huge trees of the jungle. White flowers can be seen pushing up through the cracks of the stone floor.

None but the Yaggol know what Akh-tazi means, but some among the Cha'asii elves say it's another name for Hith.


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