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Stone of Threes

Article written by Kranar Drogin

In order for a Tower of High Sorcery to be constructed, a Stone of Threes must be possessed by the Wizards. It is a polished, oval gemstone with a many faceted face, and the ability to change colors from milky white, to red, to gray, or to an inky black. It is also said that thaumavores were brought to Krynn with the creation of one of these powerful artifacts.

Following the Second Dragon War, and the release of High Sorcery upon Krynn, The Three, Corenthas, Eriane, and Shaud were given seven stones of threes. Each of these was to be used in the construction of a Tower to further the cause of High Sorcery on Ansalon. It is known that one was used for each of the ones at Wayreth Forest, Bright Horizon, Istar, Tarsis, and Qim Sudri, but the stone for the Tower of Kal-Thax was eaten by a Tractor Worm. It is unknown what became of the seventh, some say it was used to create the Lost Tower of High Sorcery, but nothing has been confirmed.

The stones were used in the final construction of the Tower, once all the points had been plotted out by the three mages who worked on the Tower to begin with. It is unknown how the stone was used and whether it was used to actually pull the stone from the ground, or as the final enchantment of the tower once either the wizards or someone else built it.


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