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Towers of High Sorcery

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Towers of High Sorcery were built as places for Wizards of all three types of High Sorcery to come and study. The Towers were built by having three wizards, one from each order, come together with a Stone of Threes on a pre-selected site. The pre-selected sites originally were Wayreth Forest, Bright Horizon, Istar, Tarsis, Qim Sudri, Kal-Thax, and one unknown location. Tarsis though was later moved to the city of Daltigoth, and Kal-Thax was never built.

Together, the three wizards would spend many days finding all the corners of the building and pegging them out. To place one peg a wizard would have to cast a spell and then see where the spell landed, pegging that spot. Once this was done, the towers were raised from the very stone itself, to the great heights that they became.

The Towers

Wayreth Tower

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth

The Wayreth Tower was the first tower built by the Orders. This tower was built by the combined efforts of Corenthas, Eriane, and Shaud in the Wayreth Forest. This tower to this day is still the heart of the Conclave of Wizards, and the most neutral of all the towers allowing all wizards to come to it.

Palanthas Tower (Tower of Nightlund)

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas

This tower was built on an area of land that a place of gather for mercenaries. In later years, the village of Bright Horizon would spring up and then the great city of Palanthas. Following the Chaos War, the tower was moved to Knightlund by Dalamar the Dark, to the east to get away from the Dragon Overlord Khellendros and his growing influence of power. The Tower now sits abandoned surrounded by the undead as of 422 AC.

Istar Tower (Tower of the Blood Sea)

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Istar

In the small fishing village of Istar a great tower would be raised in support of the White Robes. Here Asanta would raise the tower among the small huts of the village and over the years would help guide the people in the right direction. This tower would later be abandoned during the Lost Battles and the Kingpriest of Istar would take it over. When the Cataclysm struck Krynn, the tower was destroyed and sunk to the bottom of the Blood Sea of Istar. In 422 AC, the tower was risen from the ocean by Mina, and is now perched on a small island in the middle of the Blood Sea.

Daltigoth Tower

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth

This tower was originally suppose to be built in the great city of Tarsis, but with a growing money issue for Benavir Nine-fingers from the greedy princes of Tarsis, Benavir scrapped the plans of building it in Tarsis. Another Red Robe stepped forward to have it built in Daltigoth. Here the Emperor of Ergoth embraced magic and magic would flourish in the Empire. The Tower would later be destroyed during the Lost Battles.

Losarcum Tower (The Ruins)

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum

A tower that was for the use by the Black Robes that was built in the city of Qim Sudri, later renamed Losarcum. A black robe by the name of Grall didn't care what the city people though, he quickly moved in and had the tower quickly risen from the ground in one night. Later the tower would be destroyed in the Lost Battles and be known as The Ruins.

Towers That Never Were

Kal-Thax Tower

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Kal-Thax

A tower that the wizards attempted to have built in the dwarven nation of Kal-Thax, later just referred to as Thorbardin. The attempt to build this tower in secret, and the dwarves finding out led to all out war against the dwarves by the mages in the Wizard's War. In the end, the wizards were defeated, and this tower never was to be.

Unknown Tower

The seventh tower was never built or attempted at being built. Some say that the unfinished location of Tarsis would make for the seventh, but all records at this time are unattainable. This may have also been known as the Lost Tower of High Sorcery.

Kalaman Tower

Main article: Tower of High Sorcery at Kalaman

Following the War of the Lance and the Blue Lady's War, the city of Kalaman approached the Wizard's Conclave with the proposal for building an additional tower in their city. This tower though was never built, but might be in the future.


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