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In the newly re-established nation of Tarsis is the small town of Barter. The town is located in the northwestern corner of the small nation, and is perched at the eastern end of the River Swift. Barter is located near the base of the Highguard Range and sits on a road that has established trade it's neighbours in Bonfair and their Kharolis neighbors in Swiftwater.

History of Barter

Barter was first established by Derkin Lawgiver following his escape and his people's from the Ergothian slave camp Klanath. He first established this city in a valley as a place of trade for any race to come to outside of the lands of Thorbardin. You could see Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Kender, and all sorts of different races coming to trade their wares to the dwarves and to each other. It is unknown how the dwarves lost control of the city, but in modern times in the Age of Mortals, the city is no longer Dwarven but part of Tarsis.

Buildings of Barter

Inn of the Flying Pigs


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