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Palanthian Navy

Article written by Heine Stick

The Palanthian Navy was formed just after the Cataclysm by the Lord of Palanthas in an effort to protect the many ships that was bound to visit Palanthas now that it was the only deep water port in existence. The Lord of Palanthas made the merchants pay for the fleet by demanding support from every merchant who planned to anchor in the harbor more than six times per year. Some merchants provided ships while others provided crews to man the ships.

The navy quickly grew into the largest navy in Ansalon and it provided the merchants with safety both in the harbor and in unfriendly waters. Some years later, the Lord of Palanthas offered the sailors and captains of the ships in the navy to leave their employers and join the navy instead if their pay was doubled (this was funded by a small increase in the docking fee). Needless to say most of them did so happily.

When the Dark Knights occupied the city the Lord Knight asked Admiral Bahal Villem to see to the defense of Palanthas. Villem readily agreed. After all, the navy swore allegiance to Palanthas, not to any nation.


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