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South of the ruins of Elial at the major fork of the Torath River is the town of Qindaras. The town houses almost three thousand inhabitants and is the largest settlement in the Plains of Dust region. The town is ruled by the descendants of Aniiren the Wicked, and evil magic prevails in the streets. Qindaras is divided into six districts, each of which is ruled over by an Amir, who are appointed by the Potentate of Qindaras (descendant of Aniiren and ruler of the town) and whose duties are to rule their district and collect taxes for the Potentate. The town is protected by a high wall, which is manned by numerous defenders and has managed to turn away numerous armies and enemies of Qindaras. Other than humans, gnolls are used for the city guard and as bodyguards and soldiers for the crime bosses in Qindaras. Elves are killed on sight in this dark and insidious town.

History of Qindaras

The town was first founded before the Plains of Dust existed and lay within the northern border of the Kharolis region. It was settled by humans and grew to prominence due to it's strong trade with the Silvanesti elves, as well as it's prominent position along the King's Road. However in 36 PC a black-robed wizard by the name of Aniiren the Wicked took control of the town. Because the Conclave of Wizards was already locking it's horns against the Kingpriest of Istar, there was nothing they could do about Aniiren's breach of magic. They instead signed a non-aggression treaty with him, allowing the wizard to do whatever he wanted within the walls of the town, as long as he nor his successors used that magic outside of the town limits. So from that point onwards, Qindaras then became a safe haven for renegade wizards.

Age of Despair

Following the Cataclysm, the King's Road was destroyed and lost around Qindaras, although the town itself remained intact. The town was kept in condition during the reign of Aniiren II, however the reign of Aniiren III was lacklustre and saw the town fall into disrepair. It wasn't until 334 AC, when the mage Lyim Rhistadt deposed Aniiren III and became the new ruler, choosing the regnal name of Aniiren IV. Following a magical battle in which Lyim lost his hand, the new ruler raised an army which he marched across the Plains of Dust, in the hopes of attacking and destroying the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. The Qindaran army was crushed by a united force of Northern Ergothian soldiers and dwarves, as Lyim himself was defeated and turned into a tree.

After the loss of another ruler and many of their citizens, the people of Qindaras were forced to rebuild once more, and another Potentate was eventually chosen to lead them in the coming years.

Districts of Qindaras

Craft District
Garment District
Merchant District
Warehouse District

Buildings of Qindaras

Palace of Qindaras
Pitching Cog Inn

Roads and Streets of Qindaras

Avenue to Enlightenment
River Avenue


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